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3 Benefits of having a warehouse facility

Mogule Engineering is a well known manufacturer of warehouse solutions. Offering an extensive product line of quality engineered products. With more than fifteen years in the industry, we have seen businesses grow as a result of the products we have supplied. Being a business owner requires you to consider all aspects that enable growth and provide better return on your investment. Mogule Engineering presents your business with some of the advantages that come with owning your very own warehouse facility. more…

Real quality in the engineering industry

Situated in Germiston Johannesburg, for many years Mogul Engineering has contributed vastly in creating steel structures and many other engineering products used in our daily lives for different reasons.

 For instance companies all over the country use outdoor advertising especially on the national highways to get motorist’s attention on the products and services advertised to them.  This is an exceptional method used to build brand awareness for products and services desired by consumers all over the country. Mogul Engineering will not only manufacture the perfect steel structure for your billboard, we go on to offering installation services ensuring your advertisement will be viewed by motorists all over the country. Contact Mogul Engineering to design and manufacture the perfect advertising tool for the masses, this will build awareness around the product or service you offer. more…

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